Information and mediation office

The Swiss Banking Ombudsman acts as an information and mediation office without jurisdictional authority for clients of member institutions of the Swiss Bankers Association as well as for clients of non-member institutes affiliated to the Association for this purpose. He deals with their specific questions and complaints concerning banking and financial services provided by the member institutions (financial businesses).

Most customers seeking advice reach the Ombudsman’s office by telephone or in writing. Personal meetings with the Ombudsman office are the exception and are only possible after having set an appointment by telephone.

Verbal enquiries by telephone

Especially as a first contact, verbal enquiries offer some advantages, as questions regarding the procedure and other issues (see also Frequently Asked Questions) can be answered in a quick and uncomplicated manner and without administrative effort for the client. In addition, the Ombudsman can answer questions about contracts, services or standard banking conduct and thus gain an initial insight into the case. In doing so, the Ombudsman can also get a first idea of the status of the dispute and discuss the further steps with the client. If the client wishes a mediation, a written file with all relevant documents must be submitted in any case.

Written enquiries

As a neutral mediator, the Ombudsman must know the positions of both parties. He brings in his expertise with the necessary distance and analyses the different views. As a matter of principle, the Banking Ombudsman only becomes active after the client himself has addressed the Management or Complaints Management Office of the financial business with his complaint, his arguments and concrete demands in writing and has given the latter the opportunity to comment its position or settle the matter directly. If no agreement can be reached in this way, the client can submit his file to the Ombudsman for further examination. Further information here